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Sanitizing Toys after Water Damage

Disinfecting Flood Contaminated ToysWater or flood damage does not choose which household item to contaminate. And children’s toys will always be vulnerable to flood contamination because apart from the fact that toys are usually just scattered on the floor, flooding is literally everywhere.So how should parents disinfect their children’s flood contaminated toys?How to deal with flooded toys. (Photo Credits) The United States Environmental Protection Agency issued a curt advice for its constituents on dealing with children’s toys and other child-related things. Super Dry San Diego Flood Restoration Info“Throw away ALL soft or absorbent toys because it is impossible to clean them and they could harm your child. Throw away ALL baby bottles, nipples, and pacifiers that have come in contact with flood waters or debris.”The material can be downloaded here.What to Do with ToysMayo Clinic also published in its website advice for flooded homes who may have child-related items that have been fl…

Water Damage and Children’s Illnesses

What water damage can do to a child’s healthWater damage and flooding in general can negatively affect a child’s health. It is important that flooding be fully and professionally dealt with to eradicate the many health problems that both children and adults can encounter.Water damage can be very detrimental to a child’s health and well-being. (Photo Credits) In their official website, the United States Environmental Protection Agency or EPA emphasized that children’s health will always be at risk during flooding incidents and so precautionary measures should be carefully observed. Molds for instance can pose a lot of dangers to a child’s health. 24 Hour Super Dry Water Damage Restoration Service“After homes have been flooded, moisture can remain in drywall, wood furniture, cloth, carpet, and other household items and surfaces and can lead to mold growth. Exposure to mold can cause hay-fever-like reactions (such as stuffy nose, red, watery or itchy eyes, sneezing) to asthma attacks. It …

How to Sanitize and Disinfect Water Damaged Kitchen wares

Disinfecting utensils after flood damageKitchen wares can be easily contaminated with dirty floodwater during a flooding incident. This is because, for the most part, they are stored in different places inside the kitchen, depending on how frequently it is used. Super Dry San Diego Water Damage RestorationOnce a flooding incident takes place, and kitchen items have been exposed to flood waters, it is important to know which kitchen items should be disposed and which ones can still be used following sanitizing and disinfection.The SDSU Extension Cooperative Service came up with a one-page-flier on how to deal with flood exposed household materials. One of the highlights of their guidelines is hot to go about cleaning iron pans among other utensils. Carlsbad RestorationHow to disinfect and sanitize flooded kitchenwares. (Photo Credits) “Kitchen items made of iron probably will be rusted. Remove rust by scouring with steel wool. After scouring and sanitizing iron items, season them before…

How to Deal with Water Damaged Food Items

The importance of food safety after a water damage incident Indoor flooding can affect food items that have been exposed to water damage. After all, floodwaters from water damage can also contain contaminants that can be very dangerous to the health. It is very important for every homeowner to know how to deal with food […]The post How to Deal with Water Damaged Food Items appeared first on Super Dry San Diego.

Laminate Flooring and Water Damage

Water Damage chooses no home fixture or type of flooring, or material used for a home structure in general. It can wreak havoc, and it can cause a bigger damage all the more if the water damage is not remediated immediately. Laminate flooring can be affected by water damage, and like any similar concern, it […]The post Laminate Flooring and Water Damage appeared first on Super Dry San Diego.

Removing Molds in Water-Damaged Furniture

Water-damaged furniture may be difficult to salvage especially if mold grew on it already. Molds may be removed, but sometimes it would require professional mod removal service in order to totally eliminate the spores. The problem with molds though is that it can be insidious. And if one does not act on it ASAP or […]The post Removing Molds in Water-Damaged Furniture appeared first on Super Dry San Diego.

Steps to take During a Sewage Flooding

Sewer backups can definitely be a nightmare. It can even happen on top of an already stressful home flooding. The Connecticut Department of Public Health tried to explain to its constituents, what sewer back up means and what they can do about it. “Severe rainstorms, floods, and even spring thaws can put a strain on […]The post Steps to take During a Sewage Flooding appeared first on Super Dry San Diego.