Tiny Home Living in San Diego

Small yet Amazing Homes in San Diego

Tiny Home Living in San Diego

The homes may be small but the features can be downright amazing. (Photo Credits)

Tiny Home living may be the the housing trend of the present times, and more and more are jumping on the bandwagon. This holds true even in San Diego, CA.

Habitats Tiny Homes is a tiny homes developer in the area. Super Dry San Diego CA

“Our mission is to create an exquisitely beautiful, alternative form of housing that gives you freedom. Freedom from a huge mortgage, freedom from unnecessary stuff,  freedom to move, and the freedom to live a harmonious and sustainable lifestyle. Unlike most tiny home companies, Habitats does not build models. We custom design each tiny home as a solution to the way you live, work, and play.”

Check out their website here.

San Diego Union Tribune published an article on the matter. Commercial Structural Dryout

“Ashforth said there are only about a half-dozen tiny homes in San Diego County because — while they cost far less to build than traditional single-family homes — the cost of land to park them on is prohibitive. That’s why Ashforth created Habitats, where tiny homeowners can rent or buy home sites for less than the cost of a one-bedroom apartment. It’s an idea that has been catching fire all over the country. According to the online forum TinyHouseCommunity.com, there are more than a dozen similar communities now open or planned around the country.” Why Flood Damage Must Be Treated Immediately

Read the particular article here.

Another tiny ho home community in the San Diego, CA area is the Echo Tiny Home Community.

“The Echo Tiny Home Community is a place where community is cultivated and creativity is nurtured. An environment designed for its occupants to experience the fundamental freedoms of self-sufficiency, while having like-minded neighbors. This lifestyle isn’t just about saving money, but more so about making a measurable difference on the impact of our environment in San Diego. By choosing to leave a smaller carbon footprint we “echo” sustainability into our surrounding communities.” Art in San Diego

Take a look at their website here.

Living in a tiny home may be a good idea as it helps people realize what truly matters.

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