What to Do If You Have a Flood in Your Home

Flood Response 101

How to respond to a flood in your home.

How to respond to a flood in your home. (Photo Credits)

Home flooding can leave any homeowner scrambling about what to do, especially if the flooding came unexpectedly.

But since most flooding are unavoidable, what a homeowner can do is to just brave the flood clean up and hope to be able to salvage some home fixtures, and personal items in the process. Super Dry San Diego Flood Restoration

The website House Logic advises its readers to conduct a through check right after the flooding. A San Diego Food Trip

“If the flood was serious enough for you to leave your home, be sure you stay safe upon your return. The Federal Emergency Management Agency warns that you should check for any visible structural damage, such as warping, loosened or cracked foundation elements, cracks, and holes before entering the home and contact utility companies if you suspect damage to water, gas, electric, and sewer lines.  In addition, it’s important to have a working flashlight and turn off all water and electrical sources within the home.”

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Removing Flood Waters

WebMD meantime advised its readers to act quickly once flooding hits their respective homes because molds grow fast! More importantly, the website advised that every homeowner should be able to recognize when he would need professional help to remain safe after a flooding incident. About Us

“The first thing to do is to pump out or soak up any standing water. But be careful: If you’ve got several feet of water in a basement, where fuse boxes and other electrical circuitry may be submerged, have emergency workers clear the space before you get to work. If you have a lot of water in the house, Morley, who has been through two floods herself, says hiring help can be a good investment.”

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Flood Insurance

Floodsafety.com meantime reminded homeowners about claiming insurance.

“First things first: call your insurance agent. If your insurance covers the damage, your agent will tell you when an adjuster will contact you. List damage and take photos or videotape as you clean. You’ll need complete records for insurance claims, applications for disaster assistance and income tax deductions.”

Causes of Water Damage

Read the rest of the suggested initial flooding response in their web article here.

Knowing what to do during a flooding incident is important when it comes to ensuring one’s safety and that of his family.

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